Brush cutter blades
Our brush cutter blades are manufactured with a very high quality steel "tool steel". They are treated with double tempering and a white polished aspect. These blades are particularly adapted to the needs of professionals or of enlightened amateurs who are looking for high performance products for a long lasting use, even in difficult areas.
They are made in accordance with the ISO 7438 and ISO 7113 European norms and are certified by the C.T.B.A. for the impact trial prEN31806.
1) COSPE BLADE (Thick.30/10)
For the elimination of copses and of various thorny plants.
2) BLADE WITH 3 TEETH (Thick. 15, 20 & 30/10)
For dense grass and undergrowth.
3) BLADE WITH TEETH (Thick 15, 20 & 30/10)
For cutting large areas (intensive clearing).
Specific for grass.
5) BLADEWITH TEETH - 10 and 12 teech also possible (15, 20 & 30/10)
For thick plants and undergrowth + pruning of wild edges (stem : Ø 20 mm).
For undergrowth and shrub.
7) 48, 54 & 80 TEETH BLADES (20 & 30/10)
For copse and edges pruning and cutting of large stems.

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