Drom'Scies, in a few words
Drom'Scies was created in 1982 in Chabeuil, Drome, France.
As early as 1983, Drom'scies enlarged its range of products so as to meet the requirements of medium-sized sawmills.
In November 1993, Drom'Scies doubled the surface of its workshops and multiplied the surface of the offices four times, it moved to Malissard, a few kilometres from Chabeuil, Drome.
In December 1995, Drom'Scies settled in the Industrial Estate of Valence, Les Auréats, in Drome. This enabled the firm to double its production and storage areas so as to respond to the needs of the sawblade market..
1996 : Drom'scies makes heavy investments, renews its machines and adds new high tech machines from the latest generation. This granted the firm with a major improvement as far as production and quality are concerned.

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