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Coils and bandsaw blades

a : hook angle
b : clearance angle
c : cutting angle
h : depth
p : pitch or space between the teeth
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  • Length in metres and centimetres.
  • Width in millimetres, teeth included, or width of the wheels.
  • Thichness in 1/10 th mm or diameter of the wheels.
  • Tooth profile (above) or other profile to specify (add print of the teeth).
  • Pitch (or space between the teeth) in millimetres.
  • Finish :
    JOINERY : Coils : toothed and levelled ; toothed, levelled and spring set ; toothed, levelled, spring set and sharp. - Blades : joined and tensioned, ready to use (spring set and sharp)
    SAWMILL : In coils or length of blades, only toothed. - Blades : joined, joined and tensioned or ready to use swaged or with stellite tipping..
    For stellite tipping please specify : pallet thickness, cutting angle or nature of the wood to saw.

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